NorthRidge Fellowship is affilated with the Converge NorthCentral and Converge Worldwide.

Converge Northcentral

Converge NorthCentral has strategic alliances with several organizations which partner with them in shared ministries, and NorthRidge is one of the their partners. Their strategy statement is to: plant and revitalize churches with a purpose of making disciples; to serve churches to enhance their ministry effectiveness; to provide a ministry of excellence in camping and retreats in order to evangelize and build up individuals, families and churches; and to operate as a link for pastors and their families toward greater personal and professional satisfaction and productivity. To learn more about the Converge NorthCentral’s mission and values, visit their website (click on logo).

Converge Worldwide

Converage Worldwide began 120 years ago with one church, which was started by immigrants who longed for fellowship with others who believed as they did. Within 20 years, a number of local churches came together to form a conference, which would become the Converge. Converge Worldwide is a fellowship of churches whose theology is biblically evangelical; whose character is multi-ethnic; whose spirit is positive and affirmative; whose purpose is to fulfill the great Commission through evangelism, discipleship and church planting; and whose people celebrate openness and freedom in the context of Christ’s Lordship. Converge is currently a fellowship of more than 1,100 churches with diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds; churches united by common beliefs and a desire to serve Christ. Converge is an active partner with Bethel College and Seminary. To learn more, visit their website (click on logo).