Family Page

This weekly devotional called the Family Page is designed to help you grow spiritually as a family throughout this ministry season. The Family Page will be included as an insert in the program each week. You may also download the Family Page here by clicking on the lesson names below. Questions? Email Christina Van Vooren at [email protected].

  • Read the Bible Story with your family to help your child remember the lesson.
  • Read the Memory Verse, then say it together as a family.
  • Use the Discussion Starters to encourage each other to share what they’ve learned.
  • Do the Challenge together with your child(ren) as a reminder of the Bible lesson.
  • Read the daily Scripture Reading each day of the week.
  • Try the Family Time Idea, which provides interactive ways for your child to connect with the story.

Family Page – Fall 2017

Week of 12-17-17: Wise Men Worship Jesus, Matthew 2

Week of 12-03-17: Who is Jesus?, Matthew 1

Week of 11-19-17: God Was Faithful to David, 1 Chronicles 14 & 17

Week of 11-12-17: David Asks God for Forgiveness, 2 Samuel 11-12

Week of 11-05-17: David is Kind to Jonathan’s Son, 2 Samuel 9

Week of 10-29-17: David is King, Psalm 23

Week of 10-22-17: David Does not Kill Saul, 1 Samuel 24-26

Week of 10-15-17: David & Jonathan, 1 Samuel 18-20

Week of 10-08-17: David & Goliath. 1 Samuel 17

Week of 10-01-17: God Chooses David, 1 Samuel 16

Week of 9-24-17: Saul Disobeys God, 1 Samuel 13

Week of 9-17-17:  King Saul, 1 Samuel 9-12

Week of 9-10-17:  The People Want a King, 1 Samuel 8-10