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The purpose of our Bible teaching at NorthRidge Fellowship is to help us understand God and His purpose for our lives. The focus is on following Jesus, and learning how to live a Christ-centered life that expresses His love in this world. We invite you to use the resources on this page to go deeper.



Give Life

We all want to be part of a community that is healthy and life giving. Life giving communities are made up of life giving people. Jesus said rivers of living water would flow from people who believe in him. What would that community be like? What are the qualities of a life giving community? Join us this September as we grow as a community that can "Give Life"! 

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Who Is God? Knowing Him By Name

Who is God anyway?  What's he like? How can I know him?  Over the centuries God himself has sought to reveal that answer to us. And he has done it is a most personal way.  This summer we will be meeting God through the names given to him in the Bible. Some names he has given himself, others were given to him in response to an experience. All the names are an invitation to meet and know him as he is, to know him by name. 

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JUNE 12 - A Well Called NorthRidge

A Well Called NorthRidge, by Ben McEachern

John 7: 37-39, John 4: 13-14, Isaiah 43:18-19 

Jesus said the effect of putting your faith in him is like having a spring of living water flowing in us and from us. As we look forward to the coming ministry year as a church family, that is the picture we need in our heart and head. What does it mean to be a church that is a spring of living water, a well of life in our community and world? 

JUNE 5 - Celebration Sunday

Celebrating Devotion, by Ben McEachern

Acts 2:42-47

We read of the early disciples of Jesus being devoted "to the apostle's teaching, fellowship, the breaking of bread and to prayer." Over the course of this past year so many at NorthRidge have expressed a similar devotion. Today we are going to celebrate what God has done through that devotion and encourage one another and build each other up with gratitude. 

MAY 2022

Make the Difference

Jesus said, "Go." Jesus said, "You will be my witnesses." Jesus said, "Freely you have received; freely give." At NorthRidge Fellowship we believe, if we are growing in our love for God and we are growing in our love for each other, we will make the difference Jesus wants us to make in this world. Join us as we grow in our understanding and teamwork of how we believe God is calling NorthRidge to Make The Difference he wants us to make. 

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FALL 2021 - SPRING 2022

The King and his Kingdom: The Message of Matthew

Ask a random group of people why anyone should take Jesus Christ seriously today and the answer might be, "I don't know… why should I?" That was the question that motivated the Gospel of Matthew to be written. Who Jesus is, what he taught, what he did, how he died and that he rose has moved many to take him seriously. The message of Matthew is that he is a king to be followed, for all people, of all nations, for all times. Join us this year as we consider the message of the Gospel of Matthew. What does it mean for us if Jesus is still King in 2021? How would you live if he was your king?

Devotional Booklets

Devotional booklets are available, in print and online, for small groups and anyone who would like to follow along in this 8-part series. Click on the titles below to view published books online.

Series 8 - Kingdom Love: The King Shows His Love
Series 7 - Kingdom Authority: Confronting the Status Quo
Series 6 - Kingdom Community: A New Approach to Life Together
Series 5 - Kingdom Clarity: Managing our Expectations
Series 4 - Christmas in the Kingdom: The Origin Story of Jesus the King
Series 3 - The Kingdom Expands: Establishing His Power and Authority
Series 2 - Kingdom Culture: Living Like Jesus is King
Series 1 - The Kingdom Begins: Setting Our Expectations


Get Real - Honest Conversations with God

We want to use the Psalms (the poems, prayers and reflections) to grow our ability to have an authentic conversation with God within the whole of life, the good and the bad, the beautiful and ugly, the hopeful and the confusing. The Psalms give us words to articulate our experience in a real, honest way that is not just honest for us but let God be honest with us. The Psalms articulate true spirituality at an emotional as well as intellectual level. In different circumstances and seasons, the Psalm are meant to help us deepen our conversation and give us words and permission to get real. Honest with ourselves and honest with God.

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JUNE 2021

Spiritual Impact

The Church has one task: Point the world to Jesus. Impact and effectiveness are measured in this one thing. This is Jesus' concern in John 15. He is preparing us for impact. He starts with a connection with him that makes us like him. He builds steam as he knits us together in a healthy fellowship. He then leads us head-long into the world, a church that makes a spiritual impact.

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Peace by Piece

Peace so often feels like an elusive thing. Whether in our hearts, in our personal relationships or in our society, real peace doesn't just happen. Passivity is a problem not a solution. That's why the Bible says to "seek peace and pursue it." If that's the case, where do we go to get it? How do we find it? The biblical answer is we make it. Jesus listed peacemaking the outcome of his salvation and as one of the qualities of his followers. Peacemaking is a process with many pieces. Join us this spring as we learn from God's word to build "Peace by Piece".

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Redemption, what a hopeful word. It means a second chance, a re-do. It means I'm not stuck in my past. It means my sin is not my identity. It means my failure is not the final word. It means my value is restored. It means my difficult moment was not wasted. Do you need it? Who deserves it? How does one get it? What if I mess up again? Join us Holy Week as we get ready for “REdemption".

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God's Got Us - A Journey through the Book of Daniel

It’s not just that "God's got this!".  He does, but it's so much more. "God's got this!" is good if we remember that he has us in his plan and purpose and not the other way around. God is sovereign and he is in charge and in control even when people are in rebellion to him and circumstances are dark and difficult. He acts, we respond and our responses have repercussions, for good or for ill, salvation or destruction. Consider Daniel and his friends. Caught in the storm of history, overrun by events, suddenly thrust into dark circumstances, still they kept their bearings because they knew it was not about them but about Him. The Book of Daniel reveals the scope of God's sovereignty. From the intensely personal circumstances of four young men ripped from their homes and forced to serve the king who conquered them to fantastic visions of world events, we see God's sovereign power and purpose throughout. It is my hope that this study will help us all to face the personal and global challenges of our time with less fear, cynicism and anger and with greater faith, hope and love because God's Got Us!

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