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Adult Ministry

Love Each Other


Gregg Tisor

Adult Minister

GreggT@NRF.Life, 763.428.5115

At NorthRidge Fellowship you are family. Our adult ministries are designed to draw us closer together as we learn to love each other. Adult ministry opportunities that help us show God's love to others include our Small Groups, Men's Ministry, Women's Ministry, All-Church Events, and Connections Ministry. 


See below for more information about our Adult Ministries at NorthRidge.

Small Groups

Life change happens in the context of small groups


Jerry Hickman

Small Group Ministry Leader

SmallGroups@NRF.Life, 763.428.5115

Small Groups

It’s important to feel a sense of belonging when you attend a church and the best way to do that at NorthRidge Fellowship is to join one of our many Small Groups. These are vibrant gatherings of people, like you, living life in community and fellowship with each other. It’s all about growing in Christ and sharing the Christian journey.


Most groups do service projects together, and nearly every meeting involves food. Some eat dinner together while others simply fellowship over a cup of coffee and a sweet treat. The format is determined by the group leaders, people like you, seeking to know Jesus better and wanting to share their exciting walk with other Christ-followers. While we’re not Bible scholars, we do open the Bible and pray together. It’s all about growing and developing in our personal relationships with Jesus and our knowledge of the word.


At NorthRidge we believe that life change happens best in the context of small groups. This is the best environment for studying the Bible with one-another, praying for one-another, caring for one-another, and serving one-another. If you aren't plugged into a small group, now is the time!

To see a list of groups, simply click the Search for Small Groups button and a list of groups will be listed. You may also stop at the small group board in the atrium and talk to Pastor Gregg Tisor or Jerry Hickman. 

Men's Ministry

Adventure / Fellowship Spiritual / Growth



Paul Jonason

Men's Minsitry Leader


The Men’s Ministry at NorthRidge Fellowship seeks to get men together for adventure, fellowship and spiritual growth. The goal of this ministry is to develop relationships while engaged in activities together, enjoy fellowship with each other and grow in a deeper understanding of the Bible. We plan a variety of activities, events and studies to support this mission.

Adventure & Fellowship
Events throughout the year include softball, summer and winter fishing events, pheasant hunt and the fall Men’s Retreat at Trout Lake Camp.

Men’s Breakfast
We meet the second Saturday of every month from 7:30-9:00am in the church building. We feature a home-cooked meal, share faith stories and hear presentations on subjects that help us become the men, husbands, and fathers that God wants each of us to become.

Women's Ministry

Meeting women where they're at in life


The Women of the Ridge seek to meet women where ever they are and help them learn more about their true identity.  The ministry team of 12 women love to encourage each other, support each other, pray with each other and mentor each other along the way.


We plan a variety of activities both in large group and small group settings to allow women to get to know one another and “do life” together. We purpose not only to support the women of NorthRidge, but to reach into the community of Rogers with our love and support.


Check out the Church Calendar for monthly events to plan to attend.  We hope to see you at one in the near future!



All-Church Events

Providing Opportunities to Meet, Develop Relationships 

and Love Each Other

Terri Gilsrud

Events Coordinator


All-church events at NorthRidge are a time to fellowship and live our our vision to Love Each Other. We have monthly and annual events to gather and celebrate together.

Annual events are a time to serve, have fun, eat and fellowship together as a church body. We invite our neighbors to an annual Block Party each September to kick-off the fall ministry season; then at the end of the ministry season our Celebration Weekend is a time to thank those that have served and share what God has been doing in our lives, at this picnic/baptism event. 

Monthly Saturday Suppers are a time to fellowship after the Saturday service and enjoy a meal together. These dinners include themed meals, a chili/soup contest, and a high school graduates celebration. In June, we host the Rockin' Rogers parade in our parking lot and prepare a themed float so we can meet our neighbors and invite them to church.