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MyNRF is our online community, powered by Church Community Builder (CCB), a tool we use to connect and communicate with each other. If you’ve ever attended NorthRidge, you can sign up and get plugged into your church community.


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Weekly News & Events - January 17-23, 2022

January 22, 6:30-8:00 

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January 23, 12:00pm

Boundary Waters Planning Meeting

Ages 16+ are invited to a summer trip to the Boundary Waters June 24-30, 2022. If you're interested in this trip, plan to attend a meeting on Sunday, January 23 at 12pm in the youth room. 

CROSS January Collection - Cans of Soup

Place items in the bins located at each entrance

Discovering NorthRidge

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January 30, 2022 - 12:00PM

A time for newer attendees to meet our pastoral team

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February 12, Men's Breakfast 7:30-9:00am

Contact Paul or Jay with any questions

February 13, during 10:30am Service

Contact Tammy to schedule a time to meet with Pastor Ben

February 26, Outdoor Family Event 12-4pm

Contact Jeff Ekstrand with questions or to help

The Surge Forward Building Project


East Addition Photos - 2021-2022

  • Let the construction begin!.jpg
  • 10-04-21.jpg
  • 10-7-21.jpg
  • 10-11-21.jpg
  • 10-14-21.jpg
  • 10-15-21.jpg
  • 10-16-2021 foundation.jpg
  • MicrosoftTeams-image (4).png
  • MicrosoftTeams-image (7).png
  • MicrosoftTeams-image (5).png
  • Great Room being painted.jpg
  • Great room.jpg
  • backfill foundation 2.jpg
  • Foundation and wall.jpg
  • Steel installation.jpg
  • steel.jpg
  • Steel installation 3.jpg
  • Steel installation 2.jpg
  • roof and ground.jpg
  • steel beams.jpg
  • beams with lift.jpg
  • east side view of steel.jpg
  • roof top view 2.jpg
  • Roof top view.jpg
  • ground compacted.jpg
  • Perimeter.jpg
  • Perimeter.jpg
  • Perimeter from the north.jpg
  • enclosed structure.jpg
  • Youth room.jpg
  • worship center.jpg
  • Worship center 2.jpg
  • Worship center floor.jpg
  • Atrium floor.jpg
  • Worship center complete.jpg
  • office entrance.jpg
  • office entrance side.jpg
  • underground image Dec 23.jpg
  • underground plumbing.jpg
  • garbage enclosure.jpg
  • Church office.jpg
  • kids room.jpg
  • meeting room.jpg
  • offices.jpg
  • Rooms Map.jpg
East Addition Ministry Plan


East Addition Build-Out

The inside is getting a fresh look with new paint and carpet, and the outside build-out is going to be a new ministry center for offices and ministry area for younger kids. 


A few things to note:


  • The East side lot is no longer accessible, so please use the South side parking lot if you need to come to the church office during the week. The old office door is no longer accessible.
  • The East side lot in no longer available to drive through from one side of the church to the other. Please access the North or South lots through the appropriate entrance/exit. If you need to switch lots for some reason, you’ll need to use Main St.
  • Please keep yourself and any kids from walking into the construction zone. There will be big holes and lots of materials and equipment back there for the next several months — much of it is potentially dangerous.
  • Finally, let’s remember to PRAY!!! Pray that God will use this new space to help reach those in our community!


Contact Chris Mabin, Facility Manager -

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