Oct-Nov Sermon Series – Movement 

Church is not an institution it is a movement. It’s goal it to move forward to accomplish the mission of Christ. Church is not a place it is followers of Christ gathered to grow in their love for God, love for each other and making a difference. The outcome of that movement and  growth is a powerful momentum for good. In this series we will focus on truly moving forward together for greater impact for the Kingdom of God.

October 20-21 – In the Flow
Matthew 16:13-20 (18) – Cp John 8:36
Jesus envisioned a church on the move. The spiritual momentum is always toward those who need Christ. In his world his people are moving forward storming the gates of hell.  Our weapon is love and the impact of our warfare is spiritual freedom.  This week we wrestle with how to move toward the challenges we face to fulfill Christ’s mission.

October 27-28 – Motivated!
Matthew 9:35-38 – Cp Mt 10:1-5
Does what motivated Jesus motivate us?  The story of Jesus is one of constant movement and he invites us to move with him.  But motives matter. It’s not enough to merely do what he did if we aren’t moved by what moved him.    This week we connect with what motivated Jesus in a personal way.

November 3-4 – Lean In
Philippians 3:12-21
Every time we answer the call to go we grow. Whenever we move forward with Christ we mature. Since the goal of the Christian life is Christ-likeness we all have next steps.  It’s in moments of commitment we lean in to what Christ is calling us to do we experience our greatest growth. This week we prepare to lean in.

November 10-11 – And Then What?
Luke 18:15-17; Deuteronomy 6:4-9; Proverbs 14:4
Tools matter.  Believe me. The right tool in the right hands can accomplish much. This week we are making our spiritual commitments for the Surge Forward. The goal of this is that through our collective obedience  and teamwork we can finish this building and paydown (or even pay off) our debt.  What will the kingdom impact be?