March-April Sermon Series: Hello My Name is God

If God walked up to you and introduced himself would you recognize him? Depends doesn’t it. If he revealed himself to you like He did Isaiah there would be no problem. But Jesus walked up to many people who thought they knew God and introduced himself and they didn’t. That’s the nature of our God, transcendent, fear producing, power and glory and Immanent, personal tenderness and love. Yeah, He’s all that. These next few weeks we will let God introduce himself for all of who he is.

Pastor Ben McEachern

Believers Baptism on Easter Weekend – April 20-21

Adults, youth and kids, if you’ve chosen to take the step of obedience to declare your faith and commit your life to Christ, then it’s time to get baptized! Talk to a pastor today or email Andy Schultz, at [email protected]

March 16-17 – Do you know my name?
Exodus 33-34
Names mean something. God’s name is very important. It speaks to the nature of his being. But to give your name is an invitation to a relationship for those who will accept him for who he is. This week we learn God’s name.

March 23-24 – Do you know who I am? by Brax Carvette, Youth Minister
Isaiah 6:1-13
What would your first impression of a face to face meeting with God be like? Many people picture some cavalier meeting where they face him like an equal. But the first impression Isaiah had was that he was not God’s equal. This week we meet the Holy God.

March 30-31 – We are closer than you know
Philippians 2:6; John 1:1-5
The natural thing is to try to understand things by relating them to what we already know. But if we will know God we need to be open to something for which is beyond our experience. Jesus changes everything. This week we see that God is bigger and closer than we know.

April 6-7 – I meet you where you are
Philippians 2:6; John 1:6-18, Isaiah 53
How do you relate to such a God? He has bridged the gap in a guy named Jesus of Nazareth. Over the centuries he as been called many things by people trying to put him in a more comfortable box. But today we meet the God we can know.

April 13-14 (Palm Sunday) Will you let me help you?
Philippians 2:7, John 13; Mark 10:35-45
Jesus came to serve. Amazing! The God for whom all things are made came to serve. This blows apart all our paradigms and stereotypes of power. But it is only the beginning. This week we begin to understand the God who serves.

Holy Week Services

Last Supper Service 7:00pm Thursday, April 18
Will you share my life, Matthew 26:1-30
Friends share life.They give and receive and in that interaction of love is the relationship. God, in Jesus, has offered friendship. What will we do with it? Tonight we see the possible responses and seek to come to the table to which he invites us?

Good Friday Service 5:30 & 7:00pm, Friday, April 19
I love you to the end, Philippians 2:8; Matthew 26: 36-56 Matthew 27:35; Psalm 22
What a terrible, awful, beautiful day, love at such a price, willingly paid.

Easter Services

April 21 – Returning the greeting
by Pastor Dan Monson
Sunday Sunrise Service & Breakfast 6:30am
Matthew 28; Luke 24; John 20
When someone says, “Hello, My Name is….” It is considered impolite not to respond. But what about this!? Jesus rose and he is introducing himself to us in a most powerful and personal way. What will we say? This resurrection morning we return the greeting with joy and wonder and worship!

April 20-21 – The Cross was not the end
by Pastor Ben McEachern
Saturday 5:00pm, Sunday 8:00, 9:15, 10:45am
Philippians 2:9-11; Colossians 1:15-20
Jesus of Nazareth has risen from the dead. This is the defining point in history. God has reached into this world and clearly demonstrated not only his reality but his nature. We know God because we know Jesus. And knowing Jesus is the most important relationship in life. Today we wrestle with the implications of the resurrection.