January Series: Livin’ The Dream – God’s Best in Life’s Worst

It’s the start of a new year and we are all hopeful.  Every one of us hopes to “live the dream”. But what exactly is “the dream”? Can you live it in the midst of trials, struggles and difficulty? God has a dream for each of us and that dream is part of his larger story. But dreams are achieved through the struggle and in the process he shapes us into the kind of people who cannot just have a dream but achieve it. Join us this January as we walk with a guy named Joseph through the process of becoming someone who can actually live the dream.

January 5-6 Big Dreams in small places, Genesis 37 
There is a lie that says, “If it’s God’s will it will be easy.” Do you have a God-inspired dream? If we listen he has one for us, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy.  Often there is a lot of ground work that God has to do in us and those around us for us to be ready to walk into what he has for us.  The future is out there but we need to be shaped to meet it. This week we let the story of Joseph teach us how to begin living the dream. 

January 12-13 When No one was Looking, Genesis 39 
Difficulty and disappointment can lead to discouragement. We can fool ourselves into thinking that what we do doesn’t matter. But character matters to God more than the dream. Who you are is more important than what you accomplish. This week we let Joseph inspire us show the kind of character that supports the dream. 

January 19-20 God Forsaken, Genesis 40 
You can do everything right and still be at a standstill. Then what? What do we do when we have done all we can do? Sometimes it can seem like God as put us on the shelf. But maybe that is right where we need to be. You can be sure the dream requires faithfulness. It requires times of waiting. This week we wait with Joseph and learn the lesson of faithfulness.

January 26-27  The Big Break, Genesis 41
So, the dream happens… then what? What do you do with the moment when it comes? Are you still able to walk with God through the moments of blessing?  It’s easy to be blinded by success. It’s been said that for every 1000 people who can handle adversity there are only 10 who can handle success. This week we rise with Joseph to the pinnacle of success and learn the power of dependence.

February 2-3 The Reason You Dream, Genesis 42-45, 50
If it’s a God-given dream it’s part of God’s bigger story and has a purpose greater than you. Are you aware? Every dream is unique but there is a thread that God is weaving through every story. Remove that thread and you lose the purpose. You lose God. Joseph understood this. He knew the reason he dreamt. Join us this week as we learn what Joseph knew.