Is life a drudgery or a journey?  Is it an adventure or a worry? We believe God has a greater purpose for us both as individuals and together as a team. To that end God has given us the example of the lives of godly men and women of the past to teach us and inspire us. This August we will be encouraged and inspired by five people who fulfilled God’s purpose for their lives.  The goal is that we will be inspired to engage enthusiastically in all that God has for us as the 2017-18 school year and ministry season.

August 5-6 Elijah – Inspired to Persevere, 1 Kings 18-19
This week we will be inspired to persevere in the dark times.  We will see how God helped Elijah overcome fear and discouragement to stay in the game.

August 12-13 David – Inspired to do it God’s way, 1 Samuel 24, 26 & 31 cp 2 Samuel 1
This week we will be inspired to submit our lives to God. We will see how David’s patient submission to the plan of God was the key to his success.

August 19-20 Esther – Inspired to live beyond self, Esther 4:12-17
This week we will be inspired to sacrifice for others.  We will see how Esther risked everything to do the right thing and fulfill God’s purpose for her.

August 26-27 Joshua – Inspired to live Decisively, Joshua 1
This week we will be inspired to live our calling courageously.  We will see how Joshua responded to God’s call with decisive action.

September 2-3 Gideon – Inspired to embrace a new identity, Judges 6-8
This week we will be inspired to embrace our new identity in Christ.  We will see how when Gideon embraced the identity God had for him his life changed and he changed his world.